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25.12.2018 - Evacuation in winter #Evacuation#FoxExpress#175

Evacuation in winter

In winter, tow trucks are becoming especially popular, since driving along snow-covered roads is much more dangerous. The likelihood of an emergency in winter is much higher, so the services of tow trucks are used much more often.
Quite often, the car leaves due to the lack of opportunity to turn to professionals. In this case, tow trucks are forced towing cars to the nearest parking lot. That is why vehicle owners are advised to promptly fix problems with the car.

 1. Checking for snow in the exhaust pipe, as well as the most important vehicle systems. If there is snow in the exhaust system, it must be cleaned.

Evacuation from a snowdrift is a rather complex and scrupulous event, so the same tow trucks work on snow-covered roads, as well as at other times of the year.
This year, FoxExpress aims to help drivers on the roads as quickly and easily as possible to get to the places they need. You just need to dial three numbers on your phone 175.
Drivers need to control the speed and be sure to prepare in advance the contact details of evacuators working on the section of the route that is being traveled.
 2. ogruzka car on the platform tow.
 3. Before the driving wheels pour salt, which will help to melt the ice, or antifreeze.
 4. Release of excess air from the wheels.
 5. Metal chains are hung on the drive wheels of the stuck vehicle.
Evaluation of the space around the car. It must be carefully cleared. Professional workers break the ice formed, and also clear the car of snow in order to load the car was simple and safe.
Stages of car evacuation from a snowdrift or ditch:
Evacuators "FoxEpress" working with stuck cars in the snow, work on the standard principle of evacuation, which is carried out in several basic steps.
Evacuators working on snow-covered roads solve not only the problems of stuck cars, but also greatly simplify the work of public utilities to clear roads. Cars left in snowdrifts make it difficult to clean the roads and can become an obstacle to the free passage of other road users.


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