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29.01.2019 - Symbols used during delivery #transportation#transportationofgoods

Symbols used during delivery

Different symbols are used during shipping. These symbols are necessary for the safe delivery of the goods.

If you work in this field or in the near future, you plan to move from one house to another, then this blog is for you. Based on this blog you will get how to load your shipments correctly.

  1. Fragile -  this sign says about the fragility of the subject.
  2. This way up is this side up -  This sign shows you how to properly stand the item. The box with the arrow should stand up straight.
  3. Keep away from sunlight -  This symbol is then placed on the box, since it is impossible to keep a particular object under the sun ray for a long time.
  4. Keep away from rain -  This means that the box should be stored in a dry room.


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