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12.02.2019 - History of one shipping order #freight#transportation#175#trucking

History of one shipping order 

Cargo service is one of the most important and responsible services. Therefore, special attention is paid to the transportation of every detail and household goods.

What operations are performed when ordering transportation services?

- If you call the number 175, the client will be asked the following questions:

Do I need a truck to load, volume, addresses, addresses to move, whether there is a forklift at the location, etc.

- The price is automatically calculated using a computer program created on the FoxExpress mobile application. That is, if the price is set automatically when the customer orders the FoxExpress mobile application, it is also called for the customer, even if this number is dialed to number 175.

- If the client agrees, the operator sends a notification of the order to the FoxExpress-Driver mobile application on the driver’s mobile phone or reports the order by phone.

- The driver moves to the loading point from the workforce and from the masters.

- The cargo is sorted out and packaged with the master service. Where fragile objects are located, it is marked with special signs.

- The service loads the cargo into the truck.

- The driver legitimize the process of shipping.

- The load begins to move to the place of unloading.

- At the destination, the cargo is discharged with the work force.

- The master service opens packages with freights, restores furniture and transfers them to clients.

175 FoxExpress is a friendly service. The minimum price we set for trucking proves it. Thus, you can order the service of transportation for 20 AZN. Call 175 now to order.


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