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26.03.2019 - What needs to be changed in the car in the spring? #towtruck#car#cardetaling

What needs to be changed in the car in the spring?

Be sure to follow our recommendations to use less tow truck services in the spring.

After the end of the winter cold, it is recommended to change the following:

1) Air filters.

2) Fuel filters in the gas tank. When using poor-quality gasoline, dirt, water and various additives settle on the first grid. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the fuel filter and, if necessary, replace it.

3) Brake pads.

4) Brake fluid.

5) Oil should be changed after 8-10 thousand kilometers. If the car has stood in the garage all winter, it is still recommended to change the oil, regardless of when it was poured.

6) Be sure to wash the car in the spring, special attention is paid to the bottom. This will help flush away the salt and road chemicals that are heavily sprinkled on roads in winter.

Following these rules your car will have no problems, and you can easily go to the right place.

We wish you less use of evacuation services in the spring.


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