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03.11.2018 - FoxExpress - Trucking and Evacuation service #Truck#FoxExpress#Towtruck#Evacuation#Trucking

FoxExpress - Trucking and Evacuation service

High prices for cargo transportation and evacuation in the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as during the execution of these services, the ordered person loses a lot of time and the delivery process itself is very complicated. Considering all these factors, FoxExpress offers you the FoxExpress mobile application. With the help of the mobile application, you can order the truck and tow truck you need as a service offered by world-famous taxi services through the mobile application. The mobile application has many advantages. And they are as follows:

  • Select the exact location of the cargo and the address to which you want to transport.
  • Watch where the truck and tow truck are.
  • You can choose any type of truck.
  • You can warn the driver about your cargo by sending him a photo
  • See the price.
  • You can pay in cash, as well as via a bank card.
  • Control all expenses
  • Special lending option for entrepreneurs

You can download the FoxExpress mobile app from the App Store and Play Store.
You can also use the 175 Call Center to order trucks and tow trucks.


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