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21.04.2019 - Check GRP fines #Checkfines#fines

Check fines of GRP

 Every day, dozens of drivers are fined for breaking the rules of the road. There are tools that allow you to check fines and get more information about them. Based on these tools, you will be able to familiarize yourself with them and at the same time simplify your work. These tools are listed below.

  1. SMSRadar

While driving, drivers often record a speeding ticket. With the help of SMSRadar services, you will instantly receive a message about the radar or other violations. This information you receive with the help of SMS.

To activate this service, send your car number to 5666.

  1. Use the state electronic portal to obtain detailed information on fines and balls issued for violation of traffic rules

 Get information about the penalties for the series and the number of protocols. You can get information about fines by clicking on the link below and noting your protocol number or series number.

  1. On the Asanpay electronic payment portal, you can pay your existing fines.


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