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28.05.2019 - Rules for car care in the summer #rulesforcarcare#carcare

Rules for car care in the summer

Almost many drivers believe that the winter months cause great damage to the car. Based on our research, we can say for sure that car damage in the summer months is not inferior to the winter months.

On hot summer days, the spots that are on the car need to be cleaned immediately. Since these spots damage the surface of the car due to hot air.

In summer, there is a large number of dust particles in the air. These motes lead to the destruction of the air filtrate in the car. As a result, various parts of the car, especially the engine, are seriously damaged. To avoid this situation, you need to watch the air filters and change them every 600-800 km.

In hot weather, use material that reflects daylight. This will help reduce the temperature of the air inside the car and avoid exposure to the day panel.

Do not fill the tank of your car completely. Because the fuel expands in hot weather. As a result, there may be a leak. In hot weather, small sources of ignition can cause a car to burn.

Always keep an eye on the wheels of your car. From the heat, the air inside the tires expands and creates additional pressure. As a result, tire friction is reduced. This increases the chance of an accident.


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