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30.09.2019 - How to package house plants during the moving process #moving#plantmoving

How to package house plants during the moving process

One issue that makes home and office moving more challenging is the packaging and moving home plants. With a few simple rules, you can make this process more comfortable and secure.

These methods depend on the size of the plants. Although moving small plants is quite simple, packaging and moving larger house plants can be a real challenge.

Moving small potted plants is so easy and you just need to put plant with pot inside the box and fill the gaps inside the box with paper to prevent plants moving so much and injure.

When you carry larger plants firstly you need to prune the plants before packaging. This is very essential to facilitate the process and move plants safely.

If it is cold outside, it would be better to wrap the plants with the paper. Most of the house plants are quite sensitive to change in temperature and weather conditions, so you should regulate temperature during the moving process.

Moving plants with a separate vehicle would be better rather than moving them with other household stuff.

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