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11.12.2018 - Express logistics speed #175#Truck#transportation#trucking#transportationofgoods#logistics

Express logistics speed

At a time when the economy is developing, there is a growing demand for day-to-day intercity, including intracity transport infrastructure.
In this regard, President Ilham Aliyev has signed a number of important decrees and international agreements that will increase our economic power. For example, the “Strategic Road Map for the Development of Logistics and Trade in the Republic of Azerbaijan” defines short-term, medium-term and long-term perspective directions for 2020-2025 and after 2025.
In addition, the project "New Silk Road" should fully harmonize the geographical, economic, energy and transport and logistics features of Azerbaijan. If we look at the 9 months of this year, then 1 million 207 million US dollars will be exported to the non-oil sector. The share of exported goods in the manufacturing and manufacturing industries is increasing, and the value of goods exported in January-September amounted to $ 14.3 billion.
In the non-oil sector, exports amounted to $ 1 billion 207 million. This means that exports of the non-oil sector increased by $ 138 million, or 13%, compared to the same period last year. As for the export geography, the first five countries were sold to Russia - from 402.2 to 275.6 percent, to Switzerland - up to $ 105.2 million. The following export destinations are Georgia and Kazakhstan.
Specialized companies in this business play a large role in the development of the domestic transport expedition. It should be emphasized that the new and innovative technical burden comes from serving citizens.
Buddha "FoxExpress" - is a service of air transportation and evacuation.
Mobile application "FoxExpress" also includes a section "Request" and "Invitation".
A feature of the “My Order” section is that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to view, cancel and track future rates.
In the "Invite" section, anyone in your circle will receive a discount when writing and registering your code. To do this, you can share your code using Facebook, Twitter, messages, email.
In the end, this mobile phone is the first country in the field of cargo transportation and evacuation services.


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